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Artificial Turf

Arizona is a notoriously dry region. Although having a grass lawn is not impossible, it is not environmentally friendly or efficient. However, lots of our clients like the feel and look of grass, and we completely understand. We like the idea of having green in your yard too, but we want to avoid maintenance and water usage. The solution – Artificial Turf.

Artificial Turf has all the beauty of a grass lawn with none of the hassle.

Artificial Turf is like having a beautiful lawn without all of the water usage and mowing. You get all the beauty and feel of having a lawn that needs little work, withstands our hot sun, and will last. Over the past couple of years the quality and realistic look and feel of artificial turf has improved drastically. Our turf is of the highest quality. The products we use are always American made and come with a 10 year warranty that it will not fade, fray, or discolor.

Small amounts of Artificial Turf can bring green enhancements to any yard.

One of the main concerns voiced by our clients is whether or not artificial turf will be okay for their pets. Our turf is definitely “pet friendly”, and for those who are particularly concerned, we offer a product called Pet Turf that has special antimicrobial properties to reduce bacteria in the turf. Adding high quality artificial turf will create an exquisite addition to any yard that you and your pets will love.

For those of us who like to play golf, the artificial turf makes an excellent putting green too. Many of our clients enjoy playing miniature golf in their own backyard! It’s fun for the whole family, and a great way to get your practice in without having to go to the Golf course or driving range.

Artificial turf is a beautiful enhancement to any landscape!