ROC #329613


We build unique rock fountains to fit any yard and style.

Fountains can add a unique quality to any outdoor landscaping project. They add a peaceful, tranquil sound that can make all the difference to your day. Picture yourself listening to the water and letting the stresses of the day flow away. A fountain adds both sound and visual beauty to any landscape design.

We’ve installed fountains that are simply to add the feel of rushing water, all the way to the custom project that involves having it flow into a river or creek. There are a lot of possibilities to choose from. If you like the look, sound, and feel of water, then having a fountain is a great way to enhance your home.

A layered rock fountain gives you the sound and beauty to enhance any yard.

A fountain can be the centerpiece to your garden, backyard or entertainment areas. It can also be subtly worked into your design to enhance all of the other elements including pathways, firepits, and outdoor kitchens. We tell our clients that a fountain is the way to bring a more positive “mood” or “feel” to your property.

Let us help you create the perfect balance so that you can enjoy the beauty and sounds of your yard!