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Irrigation Systems

Our experience in irrigation allows us to trouble-shoot any irrigation issues. From installing commercial sized irrigation systems to fixing a residential leak, our experts can diagnose and repair any irrigation concern. We use only high quality, high efficiency parts to ensure your landscaping looks its best while conserving water. 

We create irrigation systems to save you water and keep your yard healthy and beautiful.

Efficiency is one of the most important things when it comes to implementing an irrigation system.  We make sure that we utilize water conservation techniques.  We use a standard approach that works for all sizes of plants, anywhere from a 5 gallon plant to a huge 40 gallon tree that needs a crane to install.  Our approach allows us to figure out exactly how much water each plant needs, no matter the type or the environment.  Water is both precious and expensive in the desert regions. We strive to make your property as environmentally conscious as possible in order to mitigate unnecessary water usage. Our focus is on efficiency and quality, ensuring that we both maintain your plant’s health and provide positive water saving measures. 

“I only use high quality emitters and valves.  It’s all equipment that I would use at my own home, and I will never over-sell you with products that are more than you need.  I try to choose the right level of equipment for your yard so that it is as efficient as possible.” ~ Pete Wenz (Owner)

As part of personalized service, we seasonally send out email newsletters to all of our clients with watering reminders and educational tips on how to use their irrigation systems during each time of year.  We want to ensure that our clients know how to maintain the landscaping that we installed for them so that it looks beautiful for years and years to come.

When it comes to Water – How much and how often?!?